17 April 2014

assorted amigurumi bunnies

I didn't have much time to prepare for Easter this year, but I managed to get this amigurumi bunny pattern finished. It's an instant download, and the pattern includes instruction for a few different sizes. There's just enough time to crochet one or two little Easter bunnies!

24 March 2014

mohu is open again

We're back from GDC, and the shop is all open again! There are some new things in my head, and I can't wait to show you (^-^)

12 March 2014

We're going to San Francisco for the Game Developers' Conference, so the shop will be closed for a little while!

We'll open again on March 24th, but in the meantime you can still buy downloadable amigurumi patterns from the Etsy store (^-^)/

3 March 2014

red panda amigurumi pattern

My attempt to make a pattern a week didn't last very long! I think one a month is more reasonable (^-^)

This month's amigurumi pattern is a cute red panda!

3 February 2014

funny llama amigurumi pattern

This week's amigurumi pattern is a llama! It's my favourite so far (^-^)

21 January 2014

small badger amigurumi pattern

I'm trying to make a new crochet pattern every week for the next little while. This week's pattern is a badger!

14 January 2014

amigurumi squirrel pattern

There's a new crochet pattern in the store! It's a cute little amigurumi squirrel.

12 November 2013

holiday shipping cut-off dates

I have some order cut-off dates to make sure your gifts arrive in time for Christmas:

Please try to order from mohu store before these dates. If you're a little late, there's still a chance your parcel will arrive on time. But remember that the post office gets very busy during December, so the sooner you place your orders the better.

I can still use Express post or Priority mail to send you order after these dates, although they cost quite a bit more than the normal shipping. Contact me for a shipping quote if you'd like to use this option (^-^)

22 October 2013

amigurumi dinosaurs

The newest crochet pattern in the store is a set of three different amigurumi dinosaurs!

Get the amigurumi dinosaur pattern in mohu's Etsy shop.

13 October 2013

October give away

I'm having a little give-away on Tumblr at the moment! You could win this little fox and a matching art card. Enter over here: October give-away

18 September 2013

orca whale amigurumi pattern

There's a new crochet pattern available in the store! This time, it's an amigurumi orca whale.

Get the pattern on Etsy or Craftsy.

26 August 2013

little birds amigurumi pattern

Mohu's first amigurumi pattern is now available for sale! The pattern includes instructions to crochet 5 different little birds: a dove, robin, owl, bluebird, and duckling.

For now, you can get the pattern on Etsy or Craftsy, since they already have built-in download systems. However, we're busy finding the best way to sell the patterns here on the website as well.

8 August 2013

prize amigurumi

The amigurumi give-away prize has arrived in his new home! This is the custom red wolf amigurumi that the winner, Mishaela, chose as her animal \(^-^)/

You can get your own amigurumi animal in the store , or contact me for a custom order.

25 July 2013

mohu is 2 years old!

This month we're celebrating mohu's 2 year anniversary. There's already been a give-away, and now we're having a sale! Use the coupon code MOHUYEAR2 to get 25% off your order \(^-^)/

The sale will end on 5 August.

You can also read about the past 2 years of fuzziness over here: mohu is 2 years old today.

21 July 2013

amigurumi give-away winner

The amigurumi give-away winner has been announced \(^o^)/

The winner is... Mishaela Moore!

Congratulations! I'll be contacting you to finalize your animal choice (^-^)

24 June 2013

an amigurumi give-away

There's a give-away on the blog! You could win an amigurumi version of your favourite animal \(^o^)/

Visit the blog to enter: An amigurumi give-away

05 June 2013

new amigurumi animals

Mohu will be releasing a new line of amigurumi animals this month! These little bean-shaped creatures can't wait to meet you \(^-^)/

Amigurumi will start to appear in the store on 15 June 2013. By that time there will be even more different animals!

If you can't wait, then sign up for mohu's newsletter to get a sneak peak at all the new amigurumi animals: newsletter signup

15 May 2013

mini greeting card sets

This month there are some new sets of handmade greeting cards in the store. They feature crocheted frames and flower motifs, made using hand dyed cotton thread in a variety of spring and summer colours.

Get them over here: stationery.

29 April 2013

new things in the store

There are a few new sets of coasters in the store this week! You can see them over here: handmade coasters.

24 April 2013

mohu is open again!

Our big re-opening giveaway is over now, so we'll be sending cute little things to some people very soon.

Here are the competition winners \(^O^)/

First Prize: Rebekah from Auckland, New Zealand
Second Prize: Christina from Massachusetts, USA
Third Prize: Caitlin from California, USA

Congratulations, prize-winners!
And a big thank-you to everyone who entered (^-^)

Want to know what they won? View Prizes!

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