When crocheting, you should hold the hook and yarn in a way that feels most comfortable for you. Be sure not to grip too tightly, or your hands will get sore very quickly.

Hold the hook in your dominant hand, the same way you would hold a knife. Your thumb should sit comfortably on the flattened section in the middle of the crochet hook.

Hold the yarn in your other hand, holding your crochet work between your thumb and middle finger. Wrap the ball end of the yarn over the back of your forefinger, using it to to regulate the tension of the yarn as you crochet.

Holding a crochet hook - knife hold

Holding your work properly will make it easier to crochet even stitches, and you’ll end up with a neater-looking amigurumi. Comfort is the most important thing, so feel free to try different positions if your hands feel uncomfortable.

For example, you might prefer to hold your hook like a pencil instead:

Holding a crochet hook - pencil hold

If you’re interested in seeing more of the different ways that people hold their crochet hooks and yarn (and some photos for left-handed crocheters), there’s a great post from Moogly over here: How YOU hold your hook and yarn.